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Thank you to everyone who made Maintaining Creativity 3: Relevance a resounding success.

Our profound thanks to keynote speaker, R.H. Thomson … to Relevance panelists Max Dean, Douglas Gibson, Marcia Johnson, and Taborah Johnson … to Seventh-Inning Stretch leader Carol Anderson, and her impromptu assistants, Claudia Moore and Terrill Maguire … to Dr. Luis Fornazzari of the St. Michael’s Hospital Memory Disorders Clinic … and to our Housing panelists, Jessa Agilo, Sean Gadon, Andreas Kalogiannides, and Beth Komito-Gottlieb … to AFBS for their staunch support … to Medcan for providing an Executive Health Assessment as a door prize … John Hudecki for his soon-to-be-released videos … to Pat Dumas-Hudecki for creating our logo … to everyone who worked on the project … and, mostly, to everyone who attended.

We are now editing video of the conference and will be posting it here as soon as it’s available.

Meanwhile, Tabby Johnson has shared her opening statement, I Revel in My Relevance, with us. You can read it here.

Our third annual conference was held Thursday, April 19, 2018 at the Bram and Bluma Appel Salon at the Toronto Reference Library.

Agenda Presenters I Revel in My Relevance Maintaining Creativity 2 Maintaining Creativity 1

Keynote Speaker
R.H. Thomson

As Matthew Cuthbert
in the CBC/Netflix series Anne with an E