CSARN - Helping Canada’s Senior Artists

World premiere of the
orchestral adaptation of
The Man With the Violin
by mentor Kathy Stinson,
featuring violinist Joshua Bell.
Kennedy Centre
February 2017

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Being an artist can be a solitary existence. Working in a studio, or at a keyboard, learning lines, notes, or steps; it’s often done in solitude. Studies indicate that’s not a healthy way to live, especially as we get older. We need to get out, interact with others who understand what we do and feel the same way.

C-SARN is presenting a series of gatherings we call the C-SARN Salons. We received a federal grant to pilot the program in the Greater Toronto area.

It’s a chance to meet with members of the C-SARN Community who live in your part of town.

Here are some of the comments from the first round of Salons:

“…There was truly such a diverse and colourful range of experiences and lessons learned which would, I am sure. offer potential sharing opportunities for the benefit of future lives.”

“I was inspired by the energy and the talent.”

“If ever I was looking for creativity, excitement about being an artist and new ideas, and I was, I came out of our Salon filled!”

The Salons are on hiatus at the moment, but will resume shortly. Fill out this form to let us know you would like to be informed when they resume:

I would like to attend a CSARN Salon