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Mentor Erna Van Daele,
music director of the
University of Waterloo orchestra

Being an artist can be a solitary existence. Working in a studio, or at a keyboard, learning lines, notes, or steps; it’s often done in solitude. Studies indicate that’s not a healthy way to live, especially as we get older. We need to get out, interact with others who understand what we do and feel the same way.

C*SARN is presenting a series of gatherings we call the C*SARN Salons. We received a federal grant to pilot the program in the Greater Toronto area.

It’s a chance to meet with members of the C*SARN Community who live in your part of town.

Here are some of the comments from the first round of Salons:

“…There was truly such a diverse and colourful range of experiences and lessons learned which would, I am sure. offer potential sharing opportunities for the benefit of future lives.”

“I was inspired by the energy and the talent.”

“If ever I was looking for creativity, excitement about being an artist and new ideas, and I was, I came out of our Salon filled!”

There are two Salons in Toronto at the moment: one at Spadina & Bloor, and the other at Danforth & Chester. If you would like to attend either one, fill out this form and we will send you details.:

I would like to attend one of these Salons

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