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Managing your health can be difficult as you age. Especially identifying, and navigating, the various services out there, both public and private. It can also be stressful when an elderly parent needs health care and you don’t know where to turn.

Ontario’s Auditor General recently revealed that access to home care varies widely depending on where you live in the province. We can only assume the same applies to other provinces.

It’s all very complicated. That’s why we have introduced the Seniors' Care Advisory Program.

Offered in association with the Actra Fraternal Benefit Society, and managed by Bayshore Health Care for Seniors, SCAP is a free national, bilingual service that assists senior artists in addressing their health care needs, or those of their elderly relatives.  SCAP becomes your advocate in the health care system.

Experts provide consultation and assistance in a number of areas, including:

CSARN offers this program free of charge to any senior professional artist. All you have to do is give us some information about yourself by clicking the link below.

Once you fill in the form, we will respond with the toll-free number and a unique ID number that will identify you to Bayshore.

Your personal information is secure and protected. We will never share it with anyone, except for Bayshore. They will need the information to identify you.

If you have any questions, contact us.

Please note: The signup page will give you an option to “log in” if you are returning. Please ignore that. It’s a peculiarity of our database that our developer is working to change. Just fill out all of the information, including your email at the bottom of the form.

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