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Taborah tabby Johnson Panelist

Maybe it was being born in Switzerland, moving to Philadelphia, then to St. Thomas [Ontario] then settling as a family in the village of Swansea before staying in Toronto that led to the choices in life Taborah tabby Johnson made and is still making.

The eclectic career of tabby Johnson has led her from stage to films to television to concert venues. She has garnered an American Music award for her work with Rick James as well as a Grammy nod. On stage, tabby has receive accolades from fans and critics alike as well as recognition from her peers with a Dora Mavor Moore nod for her work as Petite Mama, a Gemini nod for her word on Guess What?, And two New York Theatre nods for best new cabaret performer and NYC childrens’ television for best show.

Whether dancing with Gene Kelly, or crooning with the Duke, tabby has titillated audiences here and abroad.

Proud of her work on The Big Comfy Couch, she also credits the show in supporting her classroom work with children of all ages and all abilities.

Taking time off to be the mom she always wanted to be: a kind of June Clever, a little Gilda, with some Grace Jones to temper the mix, tabby had the opportunity to have a taste of unconditional love which helps put a lot of things into perspective.

And inherited travelling gene had tabby travelling around the globe as a solo traveller. From shipboard to trains and plans, singing and laughing, tabby has always had the thought to greet each day anew … slightly harder the older one grows but … the thought still slips into almost each day.

So what shall I do today?…..

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