The Canadian Artists Network [CAN, formerly CSARN] is the voice of Canada’s elder professional artists across all disciplines. CAN offers programs and services that enable artists to remain relevant, connected, informed, and motivated. Artists don’t retire. Their creativity and skills do not diminish with age. Creativity Lives Forever. The Canadian Artists Network is committed to raising awareness of the value of these artists as resources for the future and role models for emerging talent. CAN is dedicated to supporting, celebrating, and inspiring these senior artistic voices through its advocacy work and programs.


Land Acknowledgment

We would like to acknowledge that we live, work, create, and travel on the traditional territories of Indigenous peoples that have cared for this land, now called Canada, since time immemorial. We would like to also acknowledge this, as part of our covenant with all Indigenous nations, to share, respect and protect the land, in the spirit of peace and friendship, and to honour the future generations of all our nations.

CAN Events Calendar:

October 2023
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A webinar on taxation issues when planning your estate.

November 2023
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CAN News & Happenings:

You may have noticed a change in our website. 

We are now the Canadian Artists Network.

Why the change? Well, there are many reasons: simplicity, inclusivity, and transparency lead the pack. Also, let’s face it, many people were unsure of how to pronounce ‘CSARN.’
See-Sarn was the correct way to say our old name. But we also frequently heard Sarn and C-S-A-R-N.
So, while we will embrace a new era with a new name – suggested by one of our own Community members –  we will not change our mandate to engage seasoned professional artists of all disciplines as they continue their life’s work as creators. As the voice of Canada’s veteran professionals artists, we will continue to ensure that their creativity and vibrancy are valued, and will encourage the ongoing contributions made to Canadian life by these venerable, diverse, and resilient artists.

Registration Opens for CAN’s Annual Conference

Maintaining Creativity 8 takes place the week of October 30th. Free registration is open here.

CAN Board Member to Receive Prestigious Honour

Another honour for CAN board member and Reelworld founder Tonya Williams: “For her exceptional leadership, contagious tenacity, innovation, activism, and fierce dedication to uplifting communities of colour, Tonya Williams will receive the Visionary Award” later this month. 

New Support Program for Older Musicians

Our friends at the UNISON Fund have announced a new program of assistance for older musicians in need. Read about it on our FYI Page

CAN Recommendations to the Commons Finance Committee

CAN made three recommendations for the next federal budget in support of older artists. Read the submission in our new Media Room.

Congratulations to our Missing Painting Winners

CAN’s Missing Painting raffle has drawn to an end and the winners have been chosen. Click here to find out the names of the lucky winners.

CAN Welcomes New Board Members

CAN welcomes visual artist Patrick Close and media executive Ferne Cohen to our board of directors. Read about all of our extraordinary board members here.

CAN receives funding from TD Bank Group (TD) as supporting sponsor
for our flagship Mentoring Program.

Canada’s young artists have the potential to enrich our society. Their talent can delight, inspire, and empower. Their work could change our world.

But many of them need help realizing their potential.

Canada’s seasoned artists have spent their lives doing what emerging artists are working towards: their art has delighted, inspired, and empowered. And they don’t recognize the concept of retirement. It is simply not in their DNA. The artistic gene does not shut off at 55, 65, 75, or even 85. They are still filled with creativity; and they want to share it.

Our program provides experienced artists an honorarium to mentor emerging or mid-career colleagues for six months. The mentees can also access up to $1,500 in expenses to help propel their careers.

Since our Mentoring Program began in 2014, we have facilitated more than 140 mentorships in all artistic disciplines. Mentees regularly tell us of the life-changing impact these mentorships have had.

“At TD, we recognize that artists across all disciplines play an important role in helping shape the vibrancy of local communities,” said Robyn Small, Senior Manager, Philanthropy, TD Bank Group. “Through the TD Ready Commitment, our corporate citizenship platform, we’re proud to support programs that foster connections for artists facing barriers in the music, arts and culture sector, amplify diverse voices, and create opportunities for emerging creators to flourish.”

“TD’s support will enable our mentors to guide more emerging artists from diverse communities,” says CAN’s Executive Director, Scott Walker. “The mentorships we provide could help the next generations of artists produce works that delight, inspire, and empower. Their work could change our world.”

CAN Stands in Solidarity with Artists in Ukraine
The Canadian Artists Network joins with many artists and their organizations, in Canada and around the world, in condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. All are united in expressing solidarity with artists in Ukraine affected personally by this unjust war, those in Russia jailed for trying to tell the truth, and all artists facing aggression, violent conflict and censorship.

To find out more, we invite you to contact one of the many groups, which span all artistic disciplines: CARFAC, L’Union des artistes, TWUC, Canadian Actors’ Equity and others in Canada; CISAC, International Music Council, International Council of MuseumsFédération Internationale des Acteurs  and many more globally, including the Ukrainian Emergency Art Fund.

Join our Online Salons
We present regular discussion groups on topics of interest to elder artists. Click here to sign up for the next one.

We have links to various services and programs offered by the Government of Canada, including a calculator that will help you determine what benefits you may be entitled to.

The Government of Ontario provides reductions in hydro bills for low income households. Find out more by clicking the button below. 

The Distinguished Artists Who Advise The Canadian Artists Network

Artistic Advisory
Peggy Baker • 
Laurie Brown • Max Dean
Rita Shelton Deverell • Douglas Gibson 
Lynda Hamilton  • Evelyn Hart • Brenda Hoffert
Paul Hoffert • Thomas King • Jani Lauzon
Ranee Lee • Guy Maddin • Sheila McCarthy 
R.H.Thomson • Mary Walsh • Paul Wong

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