CSARN [pronounced ‘see-sarn’] engages elder professional artists in Canada – that is, artists who, either by age or years of experience, consider themselves elders in their field – in their desire to continue their life’s work as creators, in the visual and performing arts, through the written word, and on production teams.

As the voice of Canada’s elder artists, we offer a supportive, inclusive, and like-minded community, as well as programs and services that enable artists of every discipline to remain relevant, connected, informed and inspired.


Land Acknowledgment

We would like to acknowledge that we live, work, meet, and travel on the traditional territories of Indigenous peoples that have cared for this land, now called Canada, since time immemorial. We would like to also acknowledge this, as part of our covenant with all Indigenous nations, to share, respect and protect the land, in the spirit of peace and friendship, and to honour the future generations of all our nations.

Current News & Happenings

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CSARN Mourns the Passing of Gordon Pinsent
Canada has lost a true giant of the arts and CSARN has lost a strong supporter and friend.

Flights of angels, Gordon.

CSARN Board Members at Prime Time
In early February, several CSARN Board members attended Prime Time Ottawa, presented by the Canadian Media Producers Association. During a break from the meeting, they had an informal dinner with former Governor General Michaëlle Jean and her husband along with executives from AFBS and The AFC.

In the photo below:
Top Row [L-R]:  Jan Miller [Media Consultant/CSARN Board Member], Tara Lapointe [Executive Director of the Michaëlle Jean Foundation] David Hope [Executive Director of The AFC/CSARN board member], The Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean, Keith Martin Gordey [Vice President of ACTRA National],  Jason Soulay [AFBS].

Bottom Row [L-R]: Tonya Williams [Executive Director of Reelworld/CSARN board member], Louis-Alexandre Lanthier  [PAA Advisory/CSARN board member]; Bernard Poulin [visual artist and writer],  Honourable Marie-P. Charette-Poulin [former Senator/outgoing Chair of CSARN], Jean-Daniel Lafond,[filmmaker and writer, spouse of Madame Jean], Ron Zammit [CEO of AFBS].

CSARN Board Members Advocate on Behalf of Older Artists
CSARN Board members Marie Poulin and Tonya Williams attended the Annual Public Meeting of the Canada Council for the Arts on January 24th. Senator Poulin thanked outgoing CEO Simon Brault for his work on behalf of artists and emphasized the need for the Council to support older artists because Creativity Lives Forever

CSARN Board Members Marie Poulin & Tonya Williams

International Day of Older Persons
October 1st marked the International Day of Older Persons. The United Nations designated this year to honour The Resilience and Contributions of Older Women.

Many people around the world have been celebrating the life of a woman who embodies that theme. Queen Elizabeth was remarkable in her dedication, service, and resilience throughout her long life.

But there are many, many others. Older women demonstrate resilience and strength, every day, with varying recognition for doing so. One such older woman is Lisa LaFlamme, whose abrupt displacement from CTV National News caused a public uproar in Canada and around the world. Many blamed ageism as the cause for her dismissal.

Ageism has been called the last acceptable form of prejudice. The indignation surrounding the firing of Ms. LaFlamme gives us hope though, that ageism may soon be totally unacceptable.

Old age is not a symbol of lost potential. Old age is a symbol of wisdom, and grace, of strength and survivorship, a signal to the world that you’ve triumphed over all kinds of vicissitudes and disappointments. Because as an older person, you’ve learned over time the hard lessons of how to face with courage, vigor, and fortitude whatever new challenges are waiting just around the corner.

That is the message of CSARN, the Canadian Senior Artists Resource Network, on whose Artistic Advisory I am proud to serve. We are a cohort with decades of experience; decades of talent; decades of knowledge. CSARN is our voice and it represents us as we continue our life’s work.

As we celebrate the International Day of Older Persons and this year’s theme, we are proud to say that Canada’s elder female [and male] artists are resilient. We have had to be. We live in a world where artists are undervalued. The average income of an artist is well below the Canadian average and always has been. Many people don’t consider being an artist a ‘real job.’

We older artists have challenged the establishment our entire lives, and we have no intention of being sidelined and no intention going ‘gentle into that good night.’ We have too much yet to say and too much yet to do. We are: strong, resilient, and valuable.


Mary Walsh CM
CSARN Artistic Advisor

Own the Missing Painting…
…and support CSARN. Ticket sales are still open for a very special raffle. The prize: a painting created by noted artist [and CSARN mentor] Bernard Poulin. Click here for details.

CSARN Stands in Solidarity with Artists in Ukraine
CSARN joins with many artists and their organizations, in Canada and around the world, in condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. All are united in expressing solidarity with artists in Ukraine affected personally by this unjust war, those in Russia jailed for trying to tell the truth, and all artists facing aggression, violent conflict and censorship.

To find out more, we invite you to contact one of the many groups, which span all artistic disciplines: CARFAC, L’Union des artistes, TWUC, Canadian Actors’ Equity and others in Canada; CISAC, International Music Council, International Council of MuseumsFédération Internationale des Acteurs  and many more globally, including the Ukrainian Emergency Art Fund.

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CSARN presents regular discussion groups on topics of interest to elder artists. Click here to sign up for the next one.

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