VALA winner Patty Gail Peaker, surrounded by [l-r] Julia Howell of the Toronto Foundation, award donor Joan VanDuzer, CSARN Executive Director Scott Walker, and CSARN Chair The Hon. Marie-P. Charette-Poulin

Nominations / Past Winners

The Visionary Lifetime Award was introduced in 2019 with a grant from the Toronto Foundation. The first winner was Patty Gail Peaker, chosen for her work in helping to found the Performing Arts Lodge in Toronto, along with PAL’s Supporting Cast Program.

The VALA is given to an artist who’s life encompasses any or all of the following:

  • Whose work has been inspiring or visionary
  • Whose work on behalf of the arts has been inspiring or visionary
  • Who could be described as an “unsung hero” – someone striving to make our country a better place to live through their art or the example they set in their lives, but who isn’t recognized because of the quiet way in which they go about their life.

The award includes a statuette and $500.

Nominations are open for the 2020 VALA honoree. If you think you know someone who deserves this award, please fill in the details below.

The deadline for nominations is September 20th.

Visionary Artist Lifetime Award
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