CSARN exists to support Canada’s senior artists of all disciplines, who have given their lives to make this a better, more culturally-rich country in which to live.

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CSARN is the voice of Canada’s seasoned artists. With your help, we can use our voice to ensure this generation of creators is valued and enshrined:

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Honour Roll

CSARN is very grateful to the generous support of individuals and organizations who recognize the importance of our work.

Government and Other Organizations
Power Corporation of Canada
The Canada Council for the Arts
The Government of Canada
The Government of Ontario
Bayshore Healthcare
Canadian Tire
Graystone Managed Investments
The Ben and Hilda Katz Charitable Foundation
Merck & Co.
The Toronto Foundation

Estate of Paul Almond
David Banks
Wayne & Cathy Beach 
Lynda Hamilton
Jason Hanson
Joan & Jerry Lozinski
Janis Neilson
Elise Orenstein & Graham Savage
Jim & Sandra Pitblado
Timothy & Frances Price
Robert Underwood

CSARN Supporters

Trevor & Lynly Bailie
Stephen Bateman
Elisabeth Bihl
Mark Brandon
David Brydges
Tessa Buchan
Patricia Casey
Marsha Coffey
The Honourable David & Penny Collenette
Paulette Cornish
Aileen Crowne
Carla Curran
Idalina da Silva
Mary Lou Dickinson
Virginia Dixon
Karel Doruyter
Mark Dusseault
Temma Gentles
Andrew Gillies
Marilyn Godfrid
Sherrard Grauer
Donna Greenberg
Dennis Haynes
Maria Heidler
Peter Herrndorf
John Hobday
Ann Holmes
April Holt
David Hope
Leslie Howsam
Jacqueline Hucker
Jill Humphries
Robert Hunter
Pam Hyatt
Robert Johnston
Nick Karam
Paul & Margaret Kawaja
Shawn Kerwin
Stephen Kieman
Ken King
The Lee Tak Wai Foundation
The Linda Frum & Howard Sokolowski          Charitable Foundation

Celia Lottridge
Faye Luxembourg-Hyam
Gary Maavara
Terrill Maguire
Constance Mak
Jackie Miller
Stephen Mockler
Christopher Moore
Vivienne Muhling
Garry Neil
Louise Nicol
Douglas Oakley
Candace O’Connor
Mary-Lynn Ogilvie
Madeline Paul
Chris Pearce
Gerry Pearson
Sandy Potter
Valerie Powell
David Renegar
Milly Ristvedt
Margaret Rodgers
Andre Rosenbaum
Barbara Rosensweig
Beverly Ross
Joysanne Sidimus
Phillip & Brenda Silver
Brian Gordon Sinclair
Danny Singer
Ann Snead
Josephine Solomons
Kelly St. John
Victoria Steele
Carolyn Taylor-Watts
Mark Terene
Gwen Tooth
Scott Walker
Paul Walty
Beverly Wellman
Shirley Westeinde
Paula Wolfson
Veronica Zufelt