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About CSARN [see-sarn]

Canada’s senior artists share many of the same concerns as seniors in the general population. Finances, housing, health, and isolation are all concerns.

But what makes them unique is their desire to keep creating; to continue developing the skills and talents
they have spent a lifetime perfecting.

It takes 10,000 hours to become a virtuoso. It would be a crime to let those hours/weeks/months
go to waste.

That’s why CSARN was created. Originally known as the Canadian Senior Artists’ Resource Network, we assist professional artists to keep active and creative as they age.

Our mentorship program allows them to share their talent and experience with their colleagues.

Our seminars help them keep up with current trends. And we present a major conference in April to help senior artists stay creative.

Our Seniors’ Care Advisory Program helps them with their healthcare needs.

The decision of artists' associations and others to launch CSARN arose from the findings of the Senior Artists Research Project. Over three years, SARP studied the circumstances, situation, needs, and interests of Canadian senior artists, looking at what services are presently available to them, and examining relevant international models. The research reports were released in 2011. You can download the full report or the executive summary.

The SARP steering Committee agreed to collaborate to launch a new organization that would be focused exclusively on assisting professional artists to live out their senior years in dignity and respect.

CSARN was launched in 2011 and received its charitable status in December of that year. Its first concrete activity was a series of seminars in April-June 2012.

Maintaining Creativity [2016]
Closing Panel
[l-r] Charles Pachter, Rita Shelton Deverell, Scott Walker, Peggy Baker, R.H. Thomson

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