Dance artist, writer, educator and former CSARN mentor Carol Anderson talks about how the generations can teach each other.


123. Female – Toronto
Dance, performance and inter-arts artist who also is a Reiki master interested in all kinds of mentorships which would promote and enhance spiritual as well as artistic growth.


3. Female – Toronto
Dancer/Choreographer Renowned for creative and collaborative work, frequently multidisciplinary

104. Female – Toronto
Dancer/choreographer/artistic director with background in classical ballet as well as modern dance offering mentorship in providing a critical eye as well as technical advice.  

105. Female – Toronto
– Dancer, choreographer, teacher, and artistic director. Huge background in interdisciplinary collaboration in the professional realm; and also as an advocate for the integration of the arts into everyday life and mainstream society.  

122. Female – Toronto
Modern dance choreographer and respected dance writer willing to mentor in either of those fields. Prefers to work with female young or mid-career artists.

124. Female – Toronto
Widely experienced dancer and co-founder of COBA(Collective of Black Artists) .Also has a graduate level academic background. Interested in all types of mentorships. Willing to travel and most interested in working with emerging artists.

 140. Female – Toronto
Well-known contemporary dancer, choreographer, master teacher is interested in being able to contribute to the art form by passing her experience & knowledge to the next generation.

Dance Administrator

152. Female – Toronto
Highly experienced Executive Director, Presenter and General Manager interested in mentoring artists who need guidance in any of the aforementioned areas.


 4. Female – Toronto
Spanish Dancer/Choreographer/Teacher Interested in mentoring to schools, companies, institutions, residencies or workshops