Mentor Marek Norman with some of his works

Media Arts/Business/Management/Publications

6. Male – Toronto
Manager/Agent/Presenter/Experienced Musician, now highly expert in all aspects of the business/industry as presenter of workshops/seminars. Interested in traditional mentorship as well as workshops and seminars

7. Female – Toronto
Editor of a highly successful music magazine & owner of an artist direction company. Interested in offering one on-one mentorship in media training: how to get exposure, how to do interviews, etc.

169. Female – Toronto
An experienced music industry executive prepared to teach the ins and outs of the music business. She will help you trust your instincts and build a database of contacts to assist you in moving forward with your career.


9. Male – Toronto
Composer/conductor in many genres from symphonic to opera, operetta, songwriting, etc. Experienced composer/conductor interested in one-on-one mentorship in composition that emphasizes passing on the “hard-earned” lessons of his artistic and business experience. Also, willing to do residencies and workshops.

11. Male – Toronto
Classical Guitarist, Composer, Prolific and experienced composer/musician. Interested in offering all types of mentorships either as a musician, composer or both

12. Female – Grimsby, Ontario
Composer/inventor of instruments/educator and Non-fiction writer in artistic practice. Cutting edge acoustic and electronic composer. Interested in offering all types of mentorships in sound as medium, basic electronics, etc. as well as providing mentorship for the creation of a new piece.

Conductors/Music Directors

13. Male – Hamilton
Famed symphony conductor with own orchestra, motivational speaker. Internationally experienced conductor with own orchestra willing to offer any type of mentorship to talented budding conductors (one-on-one, residency, workshops, etc.)

15. Male – Stratford
Composer/songwriter/musical director with extensive experience offering one on one mentorships

180. Male – Winnipeg
Musician/Composer teaches “Finale” music notation software & musical arranging to musicians enhancing their skills.


16. Female – Richmond Hill
Violinist, educator Internationally experienced violinist who now runs a chamber music institute interested in offering either traditional mentorship in violin or workshops, residencies combining technical aspects of playing with her artistic and life experiences.

17. Male – Oakville
Highly experienced jazz and trumpet player as well as educator. Offering all types of mentorships

18. Male – London
Jazz saxophone and trombonist, educator, eclectic, widely experienced musician with top jazz greats as well as experienced in running large music studio. Willing to offer one on one mentorship as well as residencies.

20. Male – Ottawa
Composer/Musician (Brasses, Cello) Experienced with bands, jazz and dance combos, string quartets. Interested in mentoring in arranging and theory, classical and jazz either in a traditional mentoring situation or workshops, seminars.

21. Male – Toronto
Bassist, blues specialist Award-winning blues bassist offering traditional mentorship or seminars in bass playing with emphasis on blues

22. Male – Toronto
Principal Bass of Canadian Opera Orchestra Classical musician with experience at the highest level both in his education and experience. Offering mentorships in classical ensemble playing to individuals and groups.

24. Male – Niagara Falls
Guitarist and Bass Guitarist, Educator. Experienced both as a musician and administrator with exceptional computer skills, he is interested in offering individual mentorships in guitar and the realities of the music business.

25. Female – Hamilton
Noted flautist interested in offering one on one mentorships in solo work or chamber music

141.  Male – Mississauga
Currently, the woodwind chair of the Shaw Festival Orchestra  this highly experienced musician (clarinets (Eb, Bb, Bass) Saxophones (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone) Flutes (C, Alto),Piccolo is interested in passing on information learned in many years of playing experience. In particular interested in helping woodwind players whose main instrument is saxophone, and how to improve and maintain skills on flute and clarinet


28. Female – Batchawana Bay, Ontario
Runs an artists retreat. Interested in mentoring at that location