Mentor and Artistic Advisor Sheila McCarthy talks about mentoring


P01. Bonnington, BC
I have 43 years of experience as an actor, singer, director, producer, coach, author and arts administrator. I have worked across the country in all of these capacities. I am a life long learner which I believe feeds into the idea of mentor-mentee relationships. I know what it is like to be mentored and I want to do the same for others. My mantra is hard work will win over talent. I want to inspire others to create with their talent but not lose sight that hard work and an open mind is the foundation to success.

P02. Stratford
Former member of Stratford Company – Interested in one on one mentorship or workshop/seminars

P03. Wainfleet
Experienced actor/director/educator willing to mentor in either acting or directing to an emerging artist or to schools, institutions, etc. Would prefer in the Niagara Peninsula/Hamilton area.

P04. Vancouver
Experienced actor in film, television and theatre who also currently coaches acting, singing, and dialects

P06. Toronto
Actor with wide-ranging experience offering to female only mentee. Has taught apprenticeship courses.

P07. Toronto
Actor/Singer/Acting Coach/Teacher. Extensive, widely eclectic background, Interested in offering mentorships to emerging artists in one on one format or workshops, seminars to schools, institutions, etc and encouraging as diverse a group as possible

P08. Toronto
Actor/Singer/Teacher of voice and drama with leadership qualities in volunteering for the community. Feels mentor should be currently performing and offers this in all types of mentorships.

P09. Toronto
Actor/Director/Teacher. Extensive acting background. Offering one on one mentorship in acting or in small groups. Limited mobility.

P10. Acton, ON
Musical theatre actor/singer/dancer/director, Varied background. Would be offering musical theatre/public speaking/coaching in song and text preparation in all types of mentorships. Willing to travel.

P11. Richmond Hill, ON.
Experienced actor/theatre manager with programming, development and marketing experience as well interested in mentorship which would benefit from his wide range of experience.

P12. Toronto
Award winning stage, musical theatre, film and television actress interested in mentoring actors in any or all of the afore-mentioned 

P14. Toronto
Twenty year career teaching playwriting, acting and directing. Interested in mentoring in any of the afore-mentioned.

P16. Vancouver
An actor since preschool in U.K., trained in the U.K. and Canada, a professional actor across Canada for fifteen years, director, producer, actor in her own theatre for ten years. Acting teacher for all ages within the community. A flair for comedy, and an eternal, sympathetic, interest in people.

P17. Vancouver
This mentor has more than fifty years’ experience as a director, dramaturge and acting teacher/coach. Throughout her career, she has developed new plays and created opportunities for women in the performing arts, including co-founding the Women in VIEW Festival and facilitating the Wet Ink Collective’s workshops for women writers. She has directed more than 70 productions—many of which were premieres of original scripts—and was nominated for three Jessie awards, receiving best director in 1991. She is a skilled facilitator, asks pertinent and probing questions, and finds joy in helping people do their best work.

P26. Toronto
I have been guiding artists (actors, visual artists, dancers and singers) for many years as a life coach to reach their goals or find their passion again or helping them get unstuck. I bring a lifetime of curiosity, searching, getting stuck and unstuck, being lost and found to my approach. As an acting teacher and life coach for over 40 years, my goal with anyone I mentor is to help bring out the “you” in you. And I know an awful lot about how to be a better actor.

P41. Welland, ON
I have been a composer, musician, producer, writer, singer, voice actor, voice director and professor at various times throughout my career. I have won approximately 70 awards for my jingle writing and production. I have experienced
rejection on several fronts, but found the wherewithal to be successful. I can help students overcome disappointment and carry on.


P18. Victoria.
After 40 years as a professional puppeteer, I have gathered a tool box of performance and construction techniques I am able to share. My work with Jim Henson’s Muppets on Fraggle Rock and playing Basil Bear on Canadian Sesame Street, has equipped me well to pass on television and film technique. I also work in numerous live theatre styles including what I call Low Tech Multi Media. It involves LED shadow and light puppetry along with simple live video projections. Puppetry is well suited as a standalone art form or to mix with other performance arts mediums.


P19. Toronto
Key areas are: Writing – Fidelity to content – what characters and plot are communicating to an audience through the beliefs of the author. Directing – Creating the visualization faithful to the written script. Producing – Securing financing that doesn’t need to be repaid as investment and keeping 100% of copyright plus distribution. Acting – Provides and empathy to the written script and relationship with the director. Journalism – Narrative. Clarity in communicating.

P20. Toronto
Widely experienced (in both the U.S. and Canada) stage director, artistic director and educator interested in either one-on-one mentorship or giving workshops or seminars. Drama and Shakespearean specialist.

P21. Vancouver
My task is to help crystallize and sharpen perspective in and industry that so often looks inward but, in my opinions, needs, always, to keep an outward eye on the world which we, as artists, are here to serve/influence/challenge/change/improve/make more human. I can offer the encouragement and experience to a mentee that aids healing and helps draw the roadmap for moving onward and upward.

P22. Winnipeg
My film work has always been rooted in the primitive, the practical, and the surreal; and has relied on my being well read in all sorts of lit,
and fully conversant in all eras and genres of film history. My work is often a repurposing of previous tropes and story-telling conventions
into new forms, the new repurposed from the old.

P23. Vancouver
A creative producer to the core, I came to producing after a successful career in visual arts. As a professional who is versed in both the business and art of filmmaking I know that neither aspects of the craft can exist without the other, so confidence with both is both necessary and empowering. I have enjoyed adapting the work of some of Canada’s acclaimed novelists and playwrights including Pulitzer Prize winner Carol Shields, Barbara Gowdy and Michel Marc Bouchard on projects featuring Oscar-winners in the cast. I look forward to sharing the benefit of that privilege.”

P24 – White Rock, BC
Since the seventies, I have made documentary and dramatic film.  I was also a high school teacher in my early twenties and have always loved to teach.  I was a founding member of the executive of The National Screen Institute,  a founding producer for the NFB in Edmonton, have over 35 long form dramas on my resume and dozens of television episodes.   Acknowledged as an around storyteller – I have been honored with seven Honorary Doctorates.

P25. Toronto
 I have worked with a plethora of emerging writers to help them develop their scripts. I bring my skills as a performer and director to the work. As an artist educator I have worked with many young emerging theatre students to help them realize solo writing projects. My skills include devised theatre work to narrative driven. As a member of Turtle Gals I am also versed in Indigenous theatre creation and collective and collaborative process


P27. Halifax
My professional career has been in design for performance, in the areas of Projection and Video design, Set design, and Costume design. As well as live theatre, I have been a digital designer in both livestream as well as pre-recorded made-for-online-remote theatre during the pandemic. I teach drawing , painting and model making as well as: QLab, Vectorworks, photoshop, illustrator, after effects, premiere pro & OBS . I have spent my career supporting live theatre, I am also excited about the potential of creating space and giving voice through remote, online education and performance.

P28. Stratford, ON [Lighting]
I have had the good fortune to work on a range of productions in theatres North America. In these theatres I have done a great deal of work in the round and on thrust stages as well as on proscenium stages. These have included dramas, musicals, new plays, operas in a wide range of styles and approaches. In doing so I have collaborated with a diverse group of directors who approach the work in vastly different manners. I feel these experiences provide me with a large repertoire of skills that I would enjoy sharing with an upcoming designer.

P29. – Toronto. [Lighting].
Theatre, opera and industrial Lighting Designer, who has been working in her field for over thirty five years. Her work has taken her to theatres across Canada, including The Shaw Festival, Soulpepper Theatre Company, Theatre Calgary, The Canadian Opera Company and Pacific Opera. There are many aspects of lighting design, including technology, the artistic process, the collaborative process and the financial and business aspects. I would be thrilled to help a younger Lighting Designer with any and all of these areas of our work.


P30. Toronto
As an award-winning developmental dramaturg and university professor of playwriting and dramaturgy for 35 years, I believe the mentor-mentee relationship is crucial to professional development and to the development of new creative work. My motto expresses my philosophy: “Tell me and I may forget, explain to me and I may remember, involve me and I will understand.” I work one-on-one or in small groups with playwrights and dramaturgs to simultaneously develop practise and product.

P31. Toronto
Award winning playwright of stage plays, film and radio plays with extensive experience as artistic director of festivals.

P32. Toronto
Writer of Plays as well as fiction and non-fiction books. Media critic and broadcaster.

P34. Toronto
Playwright – one of Canada’s most celebrated playwrights and directors.  This writers plays have garnered countless awards including two Governor General’s Literary Awards for Drama His plays have been mounted throughout Canada, the US, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.   

P35. Toronto
This award winning writer has written or co written some 30 plays as well as 4 novels, 3 short story collections, 11 poetry collections and numerous chapbooks  

P36. Toronto
Playwright – With over 20 published plays. This playwright knows the writing and the business. ( available for a half mentorship)

P37.  Shelburne, ON.
With 68 years under his belt writing for TV in film, series, docs and feature film as well as being a director, producer and editor, this writer is eager to share his wisdom and experience with an emerging or mid career writer.

P38 – Toronto
Award-winning playwright, with over 30 years of experience and productions across Canada. Finalist for the Governor General’s Literary Award. I hold a MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Guelph. I continue to write plays and currently have two commissions. I am also very involved in the theatre community, sitting on juries and the Playwrights Guild of Canada Women’s Caucus Steering Committee. I’ve presented my work and run workshops at international playwriting conferences. As a mentor, I am supportive, encouraging and collaborative

P39 – Vancouver
I will help you find your voice and write your play. I work to discover what you’re trying to say and then offer support to help you write. My years of writing and mentoring have given me the ability to be open-minded, patient and ready to encourage you to reach your potential. I love theatre and writing, and my enthusiasm is contagious!

P40. Toronto
Playwright/Screenwriter and Radio Drama – This award winning writer has had plays produced on stages in Canada and in London, England and her film scripts have won numerous awards.