CSARN introduces a new service for our Community: a way to publicize new works.  If you have an event or work you would like added, read the guidelines and enter the required information in the form below.

The Listings


Flight: Prince Edward County’s Festival of Contemporary Dance 
August 9-14, 2022
Submitting Artist: Carol Anderson

Flight is a welcoming new outdoor festival celebrating diversity and legacy in contemporary dance. The festival includes stage and site performances by some of Canada’s most stellar dance artists, workshops, a kids’ camp, discussions and a community engagement project – all on the beautiful grounds of The Eddie Farm and Hotel.



Being Golden: Suzanne Shulman & Erica Goodman
Music Release
Submitting Artist: Suzanne Shulman

The album title ‘Being Golden’ is the name of the second movement of the suite ‘The Rings’, composed for Suzanne and Erica by Eric Robertson. It was originally conceived to celebrate the golden wedding anniversary of Suzanne and her husband Peter. Gary Michael Dault’s poems which inspired each of the eight movements are meditations on the symbolic rings of relationships over time. The entire recording also showcases the fifty years of Suzanne and Erica’s musical collaboration.





Written Word

Into the Light
Canada’s History Magazine – August/September Issue
Submitting Artist: Laura Jones

Often overlooked or misattributed, the works of Canada’s earliest women photographers, particularly those who began their careers before 1867, are now being rediscovered by Laura Jones (extra images on line)



Please Read the Guidelines for Submissions


  • The works and exhibits must be current, a new edition, or the remounting of older works, and available to the public.
  • The senior artist must be a professional artist with a history of presenting works to the public through exhibitions, performances, publications, readings, recordings, screenings or other means appropriate to the nature of the work.
  • The senior artist must have a connection with CSARN. This can be achieved by being a mentor in the Mentoring Program, a participant in Healthcare Assist + Connect or a member of the Board of Directors or Advisory Committee. Others qualify if they have participated in two or more other CSARN activities, including the Maintaining Creativity Conferences, Salons and seminars.


  • The listing will be for a maximum period of four weeks, except where the public exhibition or performance is for a longer period, in which case the listing may continue for an additional period of not more than four weeks.
  • Staff will make a decision about whether or not the listing is approved. If staff are uncertain, they will discuss the matter with an appropriate (by artistic discipline) Board or Advisory Committee member. If the member disagrees with a negative decision, the matter will be referred to a committee of three artistic peers selected by CSARN for final decision. The deliberations of the committee will be confidential. 

Final Authority

  • CSARN reserves the absolute right to decide the eligibility of the artist and what can be listed, and to remove any listing at its sole discretion.

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